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You can support this effort to elect more just prosecutors and judges by:


Contributing to the March On! Election Fund to elect better candidates for these seats,


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What happened in the Breonna Taylor case is a glaring reminder that justice in America is far from blind!

The system will remain broken until prosecutors and judges understand that their acts of injustice will have consequences. We have protested and we have marched, but many of them still have not heard our cries for justice!

So, we must elect better prosecutors and judges who will charge, prosecute and sentence in a manner that results in just outcomes for defendants and victims of color. But this cannot happen without the funding necessary to execute the campaign program.

Therefore, the times call for the MARCH ON! ELECTION FUND – The Next Step for Racial Justice.

As we began to identify prosecutors and judges, who FAIL to carry out justice for people of color, ironically Kentucky’s first black Attorney General, Daniel Cameron stood out. According to multiple grand jurors, Daniel Cameron misrepresented the grand jury’s actions to the public in the Breonna Taylor case, turning this tragedy into a travesty!

So, help us encourage voters across America to MARCH ON in the Elections to come, UNTIL VICTORY IS WON!

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